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    Military Aviation Accidents

    Aircraft accidents in the Army, Navy, Air Force,
    Marines and Coast Guard are governed by a
    separate set of rules than general aviation
    accidents. Unfortunately, those rules bar
    families and survivors of active-duty military
    personnel and National Guard members from
    suing the U.S. Military and Department of
    Defense if the member is injured or killed in
    a military aircraft accident.

    An Experienced Military Aircraft Accident Attorney May Be Able To Help

    As with all rules, there are exceptions. An experienced and skilled military aircraft
    accident lawyer knows the exceptions and can assist a family to determine the best
    approach to seek justice. While many attorneys may claim experience with military
    aviation accidents, there are only a select few law firms in our nation with
    extensive experience overcoming the barriers preventing military service members
    and their families from obtaining justice for personal injury or wrongful death
    cases involving military airplane and helicopter accidents.