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    Military Foreclosure  Issues

    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard

     Are you Facing Foreclosure?

    Did you lose your home while serving overseas?

    You may be entitled to your Home and Damages

    Military families face unique challenges when facing financial issues and particularly
    mortgage delinquency and foreclosure. Even more unique are the laws that banks
    must follow in order to pursue a home foreclosure against a military family.
    Many banks and their employees are unfamiliar with the legal protections given to
    the military through laws like the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and
    many other protections. When a bank forecloses on the home of a military member
    and they did not adhere to the rules they are breaking the law.

    If your military family is facing home foreclosure or has already lost your home it is
    important to consult and hire an attorney committed to helping service people and
    their families meet these challenges and find solutions that cater to their unique

    When choosing a lawyer, while it is important to hire an experienced attorney, you
    should also make sure you're represented by someone who understands the legal
    and lifestyle situation of members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast

    Issues to Consider When Hiring a Civilian Military Lawyer

    While there is no magic formula or set of particular qualifications when choosing a
    military divorce attorney, here are a few characteristics you may want to consider in
    the hiring process:

  • Did the attorney serve in the U.S. Military?
  • If they did not serve in the military, are they the spouse, child or parent of an
    active or retired military member?
  • How long have they been practicing law and in particular how long have they
    been dealing with military related legal issues?
  • Did they have a legal role while in the military? Did they serve as a legal
    assistant of where they a JAG officer?

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