Military Law

    Uniform Code of Military Justice - UCMJ

    Military members accused of crimes are not governed by the same state or local
    penal system as the civilian population. Members of the military are subject to the
    laws of the military legal system contained in the Uniform Code of Military Justice
    (UCMJ). All branches of the military are covered by the UCMJ.

    Charged with a crime in the Military?

    If you are member of the armed forces or you have a family member in the military
    who has been arrested, questioned or is under investigation for a violation the UCMJ
    it is imperative that you speak with an attorney experienced in military law and
    procedure. Some of the qualifications you may want to look for in your lawyer is
    whether the attorney was a JAG, served in the military, or has been serving military
    personnel and their family for many years.

    Specific rules govern the bringing of cases to military courts, the different types of
    court-martial, treatment and apprehension of prisoners, and the trial process, military
    jurisdiction, legal investigations, discharges, the release and revision of military
    records, post-trial review procedures, and appeals.

    There are many experienced and competent lawyers in your community that may be
    at the top of the list for dealing with civilian legal matters, this does not always
    translate into the knowledge and experience necessary for dealing with the issues for
    a member of the military.

    The UCMJ applies to all active-duty, reserve & Guard, and in certain circumstances
    retired military personnel. Violation of any of the articles of the UCMJ can result in
    punishments ranging from loss of certain of privileges to confinement and discharge
    form the service.

    If you or a family member has been charged with a violation of the UCMJ contact an
    experienced military attorney in your area.
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