Are you a member of the United States
military family?

Whether you are an active duty service
member, a military spouse, a reservist or a
veteran the laws of our nation and how they
may affect you are different than the civilian

What type of legal issue are you facing?

If you are seeking the help of a lawyer for a military divorce, filing a
federal tort injury claim, need a discharge upgrade or you are accused of
a violation under the Uniform Code of Military Justice it is important that
you obtain legal representation from an attorney with a certain level of
experience dealing with the military and the specific laws regarding
military personnel and their families.

What is Military Attorneys Online?

Military Attorneys Online is a resource dedicated to providing real-world
information about the military and the law. Our goal is to provide
members of the armed forces and their families with information about
key legal distinctions that may affect their lives and provide the
opportunity to hire an experienced civilian military lawyer in the area
where they need help.

If you are a family member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or
Coast Guard and face a legal issue please contact an experienced military
lawyer in your area.  We encourage you to speak to an experienced
military attorney if you or your family member face the following legal

Charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice*
Family Law – Whether you are active duty or a veteran of the
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard
Medical Malpractice by a Military Doctor or Hospital
Discharge Issues

Some common charges under the UCMJ include desertion, AWOL and sex
                  BECAUSE MILITARY CASES ARE DIFFERENT                                   

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